Reality TV seems to be a recent innovation, but “Candid Camera” was a forerunner that doesn’t receive enough credit.  There is no doubt that reality television is the ultimate voyeur show.
Shows from the 1950s may be characterized as reality television.  What else can one call “Truth or Consequences,” “To Tell the Truth,” or “What’s My Line”? Some of us may call them “game shows,” but in fact, they were truly reality television.
Reality TV has grown as time has passed. This genre has grown over the last 50 or 60 years.
At the moment, reality TV shows are extremely popular. Since the beginning of the superhit TV series “Survivor” which was started by CBS, all want to get a piece of the cake. “Survivor” is one of the foremost and most popular reality TV shows– in which contestants live in a desolate area and are required to survive on bare necessities.  While vying for the big prize, they attempt to outwit each other – a million buckaroos, the participants eventually found ways to cooperate with each other.
There are currently eight separate reality TV shows on each of the “big four” networks. (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX). These networks do not have the expansion of reality television shows. Programs like “The Deadliest Catch” are real life shows that cable networks like to provide for the viewer who enjoys them.
Reality television can now be subdivided into several different categories: documentaries, historical re-creations, science, dating, crime, makeover shows, changing of lifestyles, fulfilling fantasies, hidden camera, and game shows where contestants can compete for money or win talent searches.