If you are seeking for a special TV set, adding more than one drop of reality into your daily life, then Samsung UN55D8000 may offer you one of the best viewing experiences. This product will help you to turn your house into a home live theater, by enjoying quality time with your loved ones and friends.

Quality parameters

According to the products reviews obtainable on the Web and dedicated articles in the expert media, this Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV is considered one of the smartest products from the latest generation. It is likely to be considered as one of the best product for the next five years or so, as this TV set is presenting the simple features of high degree of usability, quality of image and adaptability. The balance of price is considered pretty fair due to the rich features it is provided.

Samsung UN55D8000 turns the viewer into an energetic part of a complex process of deciding over the closing setting of the image in operate of the demands and type of program viewed. For example, it offers the perfect coordinates for a 3D movie that could be swaped smoothly to the proper view if you are watching an typical TV show.

The parameters of the products are guaranteeing a high-class viewing experience. The TV set is provided with several additional items contributing to an improved quality of your familiarity with television:

- The TV is provided with a full HD 1080p resolution 55-Inch screen.

- It is provided with 3D LED-LCD HDTV (LED Backlight).

- Thanks to a revolutionary design, it lacks frames, allowing direct experience of full view. Metaphorically speaking, it widely opens the doors of the virtual earth into your immediate reality. Dream and reality could be one.

- It may guarantee a full HD broadcast if connected to an appropriate cable tv provider or to satellite.

- It is relatively light, the simple package deal weight being of close to 35.7 pounds.

- The dimensions of the product are: 1.2 x 48.5 x 27.8 inches. It is relatively easy to fit into an typical room in an typical apartment.

- You can easily swap from 2D to 3D experience. For reading 3D content you will need a special device.

- It is provided with a QWERTY Remote Control.

- It can be connected with the web allowing the access of tailored applications and a particular personalized selection of programs, films and shows from all over the earth. Additionally, it can be connected to various updates via social networking sites as Facebook or Twitter. Via the full web browser you may find suggestions for the best TV shows and films encouraged for your daily lists. Video-on-demand services are also obtainable in a wide area of countries.

- The TV set can be connected to a Blu-ray player. You will need a special HDMI cable tv.

- It is provided with Auto Motion Plus 240Hz engineering, recommendable for playing games and watching action films.

- Is provided with dynamic shutter glasses for a perfect 3D experience.

- You can easily adjust the image for the best contrast and clarity adequate to your needs and preferences.

- Usually, the TV set is provided with two pairs of 3D glasses, included in the original price. For more choices, you should pay an additional price.

- Can be connected via Skype providing a completely new and different experience of video calls. Actually, you will enjoy the conversation as if the other particular person is sitting in the same room with you.


The original price for such a new product starts from $1.850 and can reach easily the threshold of $3.080. An old one is sold on the World Wide Web for a minimum $1.250. Some products may be obtainable only inside the USA and unfortunately the shipping is limited only to the American territory. Most probably, you need to check Previously with the local representative of Samsung for the obtainable choices exterior the USA.

From a distributor to another, you should take into consideration the additional items provided, the eventual discounts as well as the warranty supplied. For example, Amazon is providing free shipping as well as the likelihood to return the product immediately after 30 days for customers inside the USA. Thus, you can use the product for free throughout a period of 30-day and decide to buy it only immediately after a direct lengthy testing and, eventually, immediately after a full consultation process with all the members of your extended loved ones. Amazon is providing as well various convenient variants for special financing, covering a 24-month period.

On the other hand, independently of the costs of the investment, you are invited to be part of a phenomenon considered by experts and critics as the best LCD/LED TV experiences of the last two years. By request, you can obtain data regarding the level of energy consumption and make your own choice regarding the best variant in this respect.

This product can easily be purchased from approved Samsung distributors from all over the earth or via the online shops or Amazon. You may be aware that there could be some shipping restrictions varying from a geographical area to another and the length of the delivery period may differ from a nation to another. approved experts and consultants can provide you with the best advice regarding the technical coordinates of this performing TV set. The same professional advice can be supplied throughout the installation process.

Product recommendation

Although the price may be considered pretty high, the quality parameters may weight in favor of a positive choice. This TV set is encouraged for big houses, with a dedicated living room where your loved ones members can gather in the evening or throughout the week-ends for watching together TV shows or various films.

The Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV is a long-term investment and may be a perfect choice for spending quality time with your loved ones at least for the next five years. Professional in the area of arts and communications or simply passionate about films and TV, the choice to add this product to your household could be considered a perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

You may find the living without a TV set is possible. But once you will take a glimpse of Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV, you will easily realize that your life needs more flavor and color.