High-definition Television (HDTV) is a quantum leap for the television industry. HDTVs have an amazing picture quality, because of the huge number of lines. Many customers say that the quality of HDTV is even better when Blu-ray or some other high-definition source is displayed. TV reviews are about the performance, features and design of a particular model.

These days there are many great names in the HDTV field, like Panasonic, Olevia, Philips, LG, JVC, Vizio, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Westinghouse and Toshiba. On the shelves there is an extremely wide array of different devices, therefore it is understandable that people want to read HDTV reviews before deciding which model to buy. The thing is that HDTVs cost about twice as much as a traditional, 720p TV set, so it is no wonder people really want to know what they are buying.

Customer testimonials say that the new Panasonic 65-inch HD Plasma TV set (Panasonic VIERA TC-P65GT30) offers a lot for its price. Its price tag is around $3,500, and it is much more advanced than its 42-inch 1080p sister. Some users report that Samsung’s 42-inch HD plasma HP-S4253 set has a great picture quality, and its surround sound is also great. HDTV reviews say that the HP-S4253 set is also worth considering. Its skin colors and tones are accurate and bright.

Philips’ 42-inch Plasma HDTV (42PF9631D) is known for its great picture, and its elegant design that makes it a centerpiece of every room. The model has the Philips trademark Ambilight feature incorporated: it surrounds the video display with a glowing color, varying on what is shown on the screen.

Vizio P50HDM is not a very expensive HDTV. So if you are looking for a modest-priced 50-inch plasma HD TV, you can buy this model for as low as $1,399. Despite its modest price, Vizio P50HDM is a good HDTV: its black level is particularly good, and its color decoding is exact. Its image quality and affordable price makes this HDTV a very good value its category.

The authors of HDTV reviews are those who actually use these devices. So there is a lot of first-hand experience described in these reviews, making them priceless for those who are trying to choose the best HDTV around.