The Samsung Company has been a leader in the improvement of HDTV flat panel sets; it is one of the most respected brands available. Their newest sets include LED back-lighting technology, replacing the cold-cathode fluorescent lighting systems that were included in the first generation of LCD TV sets. The use of this LED technology has enabled them to manufacture sets that are thinner, and lighter than earlier sets, yet produce significantly better picture quality. The Samsung UN6900W LED 3D HDTV is an excellent illustration of this technical superiority.

The UN46D6900W Samsung LED 3D HDTV set employs an “edge lighting” system to supply the back-light for the picture. With this system, extremely intense white-light Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are located around the edges of the screen frame. A diffuser plate then distributes the light across the entire surface of the display. The use of an LED lighting system means that the TV requires much less energy to operate.

Samsung UN46D6900W LED HDTV

This set is very efficient: based on a watching the set for five hours per day, and an electricity rate of 11 cents per Kwh, it would only cost approximately $15/year to operate this set. When the set is turned off, it consumes just 0.07 Watts. That adds up to 0.6 Kwh/yr, which would cost less than $0.07 based on the same electric rates!

Using LED illumination makes it possible for Samsung to gain much tighter control over the brightness of each area of the screen. They have developed a system they call “Micro Dimming”, which enables them to change the intensity of the back-light from one area of the screen to another, results in a picture that has more intense whites, and that the black regions are much deeper and darker than what you see with the older LCD sets, which are back-lit with fluorescent tubes which stretch the full width of the screen.

This UN46D6900W Samsung set is packed with what Samsung refers to as “Smart Apps” – the applications that make up the basis of their “Smart TV” platform. This array of “Apps” allow you to use the TV to interface with the Internet, and download Web content from providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and others.

While certain “Apps” are sold for a dollar or two (much like iPhone apps), there is a broad selection of Apps that are free, such as children’s material and games. Apps categories
cover areas such as Sports, Lifestyle, Videos, Games, Education, and Information.

Samsung’s 3D sets employ the Active 3D system. This employs glasses which have LCD lenses which act like shutters. These lenses alternately lighten and darken for each eye as the picture frame for that specific eye is being shown on the screen.

The 3D system also enables you to “up-convert” regular 2D programming and content to what is called “near 3D” appearance. This refers to the fact that the 2D program, which could be DVDs, broadcasts, or home movies can be displayed with a sense of depth that is not otherwise present in the material.

An additional neat thing about this model is the “Allshare DLNA Technology”. DLNA is an abbreviation for the “Digital Living Network Alliance”. It is what is called an “interoperability protocol” that enables different electronic components to link together to make possible file sharing and data transmission. Samsung’s “Allshare” makes it simple to synch up various DLNA-enabled components with your Samsung TV set, so that you can enjoy all the media files on your computer, iPhone, and other devices on your new HDTV set . Add the optional LinkStick, and you can have wireless access as well.

The UN46D6900W Samsung set includes the ConnectShare Movie application. This enables you to play music, watch videos, or view pictures from your USB Flash Drive. All you need is to plug the thumb drive into the USB port on the TV set, and you will be all set to access your files.

The Skype feature on Samsung TVs enables you to make video phone calls iin the comfort of your sofa. With the TV’s remote control, you can set up a Skype account, or log into your existing account, and operate right on the TV screen to make your calls.

This set comes equipped with a built-in WiFi system, making it easy to link to your existing WiFi router on your network, and immediately have access to the World Wide Web, Smart Apps, as well as other Smart TV capabilities. There are many more features provided by this set, and you can see them at this site: UN46D6900W LED TV. You can compare it to some of the best Samsung LED HDTV sets on the market by following that link.