You’re probably very excited about getting a new LED TV, whether it’s for the bedroom, kitchen or the lounge. Regardless of whether the TV is an important feature in your house or not it is definitely a huge source of entertainment. It can be a technological jungle out there so whatever LED TV you are looking for you can probably use some initial assistance.

Planning for space

The unique backlight technology and low power usage of LED TVs make them excellent contenders on the TV market. Once you have decided you are buying a new television you should consider the following things. The space you have set aside for your TV is crucial – think about how much space the television can take up without looking too small or dominating the room. Perhaps you haven’t decided whether to wall mount your LED TV or to place it on the floor? When the TV is going on your wall it is important to bear in mind your viewing distance and the height as well as the ability to connect your TV to the necessary devices and plugs. You should also allow enough room for any consoles or other equipment you want to connect.

Exploring the options

Modern TVs have lots of different features that might not all be interesting for you but it’s worth looking into it in case you find something you like. On-demand television, 3D built in and internet browsing are just some of these features. Testing the 3D for yourself is wise as you should make an informed decision on whether it is worth the extra money or not.

Research your alternatives

Now that you have an idea of the type of LED TV that you are after you can start doing some thorough research. Conduct your research online to start with and filter your search accordingly. Once you’ve found some that you like compare the price tags and the features you value.

Add it all up

Many people don’t realise that there can be lots of additional costs when buying a new LED TV. You might need brackets if you are wall mounting your TV (and perhaps some assistance in fitting it) as well as cables, dongles and a different TV stand. If you ask for quotes that include all the necessary accessories you can get a better idea of the actual costs involved.