In relation to finding a good size TV that is not too big for your bedroom and is also affordable you may want to have a look at the TCL L40FHDF12TA 40-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV. I’m sure you realize that bedrooms are a lot smaller than your living room, normally, and simply because of that a 40 inch TV is plenty large enough for a bedroom. Anything smaller might actually end up being too small for your bedroom and anything bigger will end up being too large. In this post we’re going to be looking at a 40 inch television which you’ll find is also something that is extremely affordable. Nevertheless, prior to purchasing any TV set, it’s a great idea to look at reviews, for instance 3D TV reviews or Smart TV reviews, to pick up opinions along with consumer comments.

As the television is actually 1080p, you are going to discover that this is true high definition which gives you an excellent picture. Something else you should recognize relating to this television is that it includes a USB connection which permits you to easily connect a camcorder or digital camera to be able to share your photographs and videos. I ought to also point out that there are some other ways you are able to connect things to this device and the most important being the fact that it has three HDMI inputs. Something else that a lot of individuals like relating to this television when they’re using it in a bedroom is the fact that they can listen to the programming with headphones without bothering other individuals in the room.

In relation to products like these it is always good to acquire the opinion of other individuals and you are going to discover that out of the individuals who left reviews on Amazon relating to this product nearly all them gave this the highest rating available. One of the things that a lot of individuals actually like relating to this product is the fact that they’re able to actually use this as a large computer monitor if they decided to. Needless to say if you do elect to use this as a computer monitor I ought to inform you that if you’re sitting close to the television the clarity will not be as crisp as with a 22 inch monitor.

While many individuals end up mounting this on a wall inside their home you should be aware that there is also a stand you are able to attach to the television to place this on any flat surface. And naturally if you do end up utilizing this in your bedroom you’ll be pleased to realize that there’s a sleep timer to shut the TV off after a certain length of time.

Another great thing relating to this television is its price as Amazon is now offering it for around $330. You may possibly not recognize how affordable this really is, but the actual list price of this television is over $600.

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